Below are ways we recommend you to store your hat:

When storing on a shelf, it’s important to flip the hat upside down and store it on its crown, not its brim. Storing your hat on your brim for a long period of time will put pressure on the brim causing it to change from its original shape.
You can hang your hat on a nail on the wall, but we suggest covering the tip of the nail with a foam ball, so that the sharp tip of the nail does not damage your hat.

This is our suggested recommendation for storage. The boxes that we ship our hats in are designed with a protective ring that will support the brim of the hat evenly and allow the crown to be suspended, so the shape will maintain over time. Store the box in a cool dry place. Wool hats can be stored in plastic bags to protect them from dirt and dust. We strongly recommend that you do not put our Panama straw hats in a plastic bag, the lack of air dries the straw out and can cause it to break. Our hats are made from natural materials and can change color and shape if exposed to long periods of heat and moisture.

Do not store your hat in your car, the exposure to prolonged sunlight and heat will discolor and distort the shape

If your hat needs a little tune-up, take a soft bristled brush or lint roller to clean off hair or dust. When using a soft bristled brush, brush in small circular motions.

You may wipe small spots with a slightly damp white cloth. Do not use a cloth with dye, as the dye may transfer to the hat. For a small stain on felt hats, we recommend using a felt sponge to clean the spot.

For more severe stains, we suggest taking your hat to a local hat repair shop to professionally clean it.

If your wool hat gets wet, allow it to dry naturally, do not blow dry it. Avoid getting our Panama hats wet, the natural fibers will expand and distort the shape.


Below are ways we recommend you to care your jewelry:

Taking care of your jewelry is essential to prevent damage. Here are some tips to get your pieces looking its best for longer:

Always put your jewelry on last when you are getting ready because perfume, aftershave, hairspray and other materials can reduce the jewelry’s brilliance.

Always take off your jewelry while doing exercise, washing up, cleaning, gardening or while doing any manual work.

Put away your jewelry when not being worn. We recommend a soft cloth pouch and wrapped individually. If you want to store your jewelry together, keep in mind that the pieces can’t touch or they may scratch each other. This is very important especially when travelling.

Keep your pieces away from extreme heat sources and bright sunlight. Avoid leaving pieces in humid areas like the kitchen or the bathroom as well.

Don’t use any harsh cleaning chemicals such as bleach or any product that contains ammonia as many gems will react badly with them.

Use a jewelry polishing cloth to clean your piece. Apply some mild soap and it to take away any accumulated dirt. After the item is cleaned, rinse it with water and dry it with a towel. Treat it delicately and avoid pulling.
Do not get wet. To waterproof it, maintain its shine and revive the color, apply colorless paste for leather. Leather may sag a bit.
Use a solution of warm water and detergent-free soap with a soft bristled brush. Then polish piece with a specialized cloth or a cleaning solution. Store pieces in soft cloth bags to prevent scratches. Be careful with prolonged chlorine or chemicals in cleaning products as they can harm gold jewelry.
Let your piece soak for a few moments in a solution of water and mild detergent or cleaning solution. Use a soft brush to gently scrub your piece. Place your jewelry back into the solution and then rinse in warm running water. Avoid radical temperature changes as they are dangerous. Blow the piece to remove any excess liquid and gently polish with a soft cloth.
Wipe your pearls with a soft cloth and clean them with a wet cloth if needed. Let them dry before storing. Store them flat and dedicate a space just for your pearls as they are prone to scratches.


Below are ways we recommend you to care your jacket:

Use mild detergents as harsh ingredients can make your denim jacket dye fade faster and can loosen the fabric’s natural stiffness. A small amount of liquid soap should do the work -half a teaspoon should do the trick-. Always flip your jackets inside out while washing them. Avoid washing machines as the accessories will get damaged. Always line dry as dryers can affect the strength of the fabric weave and shape of the garment. Hangers can leave indents near the shoulders so we recommend to hang them on a straight wire or flat dry on a towel. Always stick to cold water as warm water can cause it to shrink and fades denim. Finally, use a lint roller to avoid frequent unnecessary washes and quickly clean your denim jacket as often as you want to.
Hand washing is the best way to clean your denim jacket. Use a basic and mild detergent, soak your jacket in cold water and let it be for at least an hour. After, rub away any specially stained areas glently by rubbing with your hands and then rinse the jacket with more cold water before letting it dry.
Avoid wearing your jacket in rainy weather, try to keep it dry. Never leave your jacket folded for a long period of time, we recommend to hang it correctly. Keep this piece away from the heat as it will dry out and can become brittle and crack. Use a leather conditioner to prolong its life. Don’t clean at home unless you have the experience . avoid washing machine and hang to dry.
Do not place any accessories on the washing machine. We recommend to gently rub off any stain with a soft cloth with patience and care. Our accessories are hand made and very delicate and can lose quality and shape is washed improperly.